feelin springy herb and zucchini scramble

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May 2, 2014 by booksandbruschetta

It was a rainy day in Syracuse today, per usual. Dim and dreary outside, but for some reason I was feeling like spring time. Maybe it was the birds chirping on the nature sounds loop I had playing on my computer or the spring breeze candle I had lit while slaving away at some advanced nutrition study guides… well whatever it was, it was working for me. I wrapped those spring feelings into a light lunch of soft scrambled eggs and tender zucchini noodles. Mmmm mmm good. So right in so many ways.



So since we last spoke (and by spoke I mean I wrote, you read) I had quite the kitchen fiasco. My refrigerator stopped working. My milk went bad, my good butter was warm, and lets not even get into the awful stench. A hundred dollars worth of groceries in the trash and a few angry phone calls with my land lord later, I got a mini fridge and an appointment for a refrigerator repair-man. Oh the fury. I was pissed. Those groceries were supposed to last me to graduation!

Since then I’ve been living off the land and hunting for food. No, no I haven’t. I’ve been living off eggs, a short list of veggies I find palatable right now, and the beauty that is sides from alto cinco via a grub hub delivery man. Oh finals week.

springy herb and zucchini scramble

1/4 yellow onion, thin sliced

1/2 zucchini, cut into “noodles” or thin slices

4 eggs

splash of milk

salt & pepper

herbs of your choice, chopped & crushed red pepper

Throw your onions in a medium sauté pan over medium heat with some olive oil. Let them cook until fragrant and translucent. You shouldn’t get any browning or color on them. If you do, turn down your heat a little. Toss in your zucchini and let cook until noodles or slices have softened and tender to a fork.


While those are cooking, crack 4 eggs into a bowl. Add a splash of milk and whisk together. Add in your pinch of salt and pepper and herbs. Stir and add into pan with onions and zucchini. Keep everything moving in the pan with a spatula. Sprinkle on some red pepper and cook just until eggs are soft and a nice pale yellow.




annnnnddddd viola!



** P.S. Confession: I didn’t quite have “herbs of my choice” today. Instead I used wegmans garlic and herb salt. It’s a good alternative. If you do that be careful though! The flavor is there, you don’t need a ton of salt. Fresh or dried herbs are better because you can get more flavor into these eggs without all the sodium!

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